Today at Talent Connect San Francisco, we were excited to announce the 2014 Most InDemand Employer Rankings.

This is our third annual ranking, based on the analysis over 35 billion interactions between companies and members on LinkedIn. The way companies are ranked boils down to LinkedIn member awareness of a company (e.g. how many people have viewed your employees’ profiles within the past year) and engagement on LinkedIn (e.g., how many members have followed your company’s Company or Career Page within the past year). Higher talent brand awareness and engagement among members on LinkedIn equal a more effective talent brand and a higher InDemand ranking.

This year’s list has a lot of fresh faces in the top 100 and a good amount of dramatic upward moves. There are also quite a few companies that have held their ground and cemented their positions among the world’s most sought-after employers.

A few fun facts to note:

  • Hardware is hot: Avaya, Huawei, Honeywell, Schneider Electric, Siemens lead a strong showing among manufacturers.
  • is the first SaaS company to crack the top 20.
  • Tech disruptors are getting stronger: Tesla, Netflix, Spotify, Uber, all climbed several places this year.
  • Yahoo! made a huge debut at #27.
  • The companies on the list represent 17 countries, 59 cities, and 33 industries.

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Most InDemand Employers.

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Los mayores captadores de Empleo en Linkedin

Los mayores captadores de Empleo en Linkedin


Despues de ver todas estas empresas cómo están de activas en Linkedin, quizá sea un buen momento para repensar tu perfil.

No porque busques que estás te contraten  (que tambien), sino porque vas viendo que Linkedin tiene gran repercusion a la hora de buscar Empleo o de Buscar Clientes si no buscas empleo,, en definitiva ,

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