LinkedinVender #CaptarClientes

Noticia de hace algun tiempo pero que sigue siendo totalmente valido en la actualidad

LinkedIn Status Updates give staffing firms large and small a unique opportunity to engage candidates and clients with relevant content. Firms that post regularly report that it’s easier to build a candidate pipeline and maintain relationships with passive talent.

Not all status updates are created equal, though. Here are 11 tips to ensure your status updates are uber-engaging:

1. Get targeted.

When you post a status update, you can target it to followers using criteria like job function, seniority and geography. Since 79% of followers are interested in job opportunities from companies they’re following, this is a great way to target your open reqs to the right audiences.

2. Use videos and other rich media.

Status updates with links to YouTube videos result in a 75% higher share rate. No videos? Try SlideShare, PDFs, photos and links: posts with an image enjoy a 98% higher comment rate.

Russell Tobin & Associates and Hays see strong engagement with images and videos.

3. Consider your audience.

Your status updates can reach candidates, existing clients, and potential clients across each of your business units or specialties. Make sure you’re speaking to each of those audiences regularly (and don’t forget to target your posts!).

Human Capital Solutions, Inc. engages hiring managers with content on management and business trends and potential candidates with content on career management and job-seeking.

4. Leverage existing content streams.

Use successful blog posts, articles and news from your other social platforms to create a high-quality stream of updates. On LinkedIn, you’ll find ready-made, share-worthy content from Influencers, on Pulse, and in Groups.

5. Think like a journalist.

In other words, don’t bury the lead. Concise intros and snappy headlines are more likely to result in higher engagement.

Burchard and Associates, Inc. immediately grabs the reader’s attention with a provocative question.

6. Mix it up.

To keep followers engaged, rotate your content themes regularly. For every post promoting your firm, make sure four posts focus on thought leadership or industry trends.

7. Engage with members through comments.

Keep the conversation going. Comments are a great place to respond to positive reactions. Monitor discussions and respond in real-time.

8. Link to relevant “best-of” lists.

LinkedIn research reveals that posts that point followers toward “Top” lists (e.g., “Top 10 social media tactics in B2B marketing”) can get almost 40% more amplification.

Elance recognizes that lists and numbers drive clicks and interactions.

9. Think about timing and frequency.

Post at least once per weekday: consistent posting encourages engagement and fosters familiarity. Updates posted in the morning usually earn the highest engagement, with a slight bump occurring again after business hours. Experiment to see what works best for your company.

10. Extend your reach with Sponsored Updates.

Sponsored Updates let you publish relevant content straight to the LinkedIn feed of any member on the site, not just your Company Page followers. If you’re looking to extend your reach to audiences beyond your follower base, Sponsored Updates give you the perfect opportunity.

11. Measure and adjust.

Visit the Analytics tab on your Company Page to understand how LinkedIn members are engaging with your updates. Use the data on what’s performing well – and what’s not – to tailor your content and increase your impact.

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