No se trata del primer famoso que se mete en el mundo de las inversiones en  las StartUps, pero si de las primeras que saldrán a Bolsa, tras tener una inversión de 70 Millones de $ y con la polemica por tener un origen y misión «social»

Actress Jessica Alba’s social enterprise The Honest Company recently revealed it raised $70 million and is planning an IPO, though when that might be is unclear. I just caught up with COO Sean Kane to talk about what it all means for the Santa Monica-based company, as well as social enterprises, in general.

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The big question, of course, is what going public bodes for the company’s social mission, keeping in mind the Ben & Jerry’s-Unilever experience. (The Honest Company is a certified B Corp).

Alba co-founded the company in Jan. 2012 after  having her first child and discovering that it was next to impossible to find baby products that didn’t contain any potentially toxic elements.  (I’ve written about it here and here). With friend Chris Gavigan who was heading a children’s health organization,  they decided to form a company that would develop, make and sell diapers and other baby products using only non-toxic, environmentally –friendly ingredients. (Disposable diapers, for example, would use plant-based materials as opposed to petrochemicals). Suppliers would have to comply with human rights and environmental standards.  And they would give a portion of revenues and profits to charities. They enlisted Kane to run operations, along with Brian Lee, an ecommerce veteran, as CEO.

The company launched with 12 personal care and cleaning products; it now has 85, including such things as a line of supplements.  Most of its sales are from monthly subscriptions, but customers can also buy one-off items online. And products are available in Target TGT +0.08%, Costco and other stores.


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