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Social Selling: 1 Big Idea To Be 38x More Effective

There’s been far too much focus of late on the ways employee use of social media creates a company risk. Yes, misuse of social media on the job is a problem. But embarrassing gaffes, risk of information leakage and wasted time are only one side of the social business/social media coin. And they are usually voiced by those who have never liked, mentioned, shared, +1’d or sold things themselves.

Consider the opposite possibility.

Properly used, employee social media shares on behalf of your company – the new category called Employee Advocacy, a subset of the hottest new segment of sales called Sales Acceleration – can turn your employee base into a veritable communications and social selling engine instead.

Which alternative would you rather have?

Consider some of the organizations that currently have established and emerging employee advocacy programs in place. Adobe, Cisco, Citrix, Dell , SAP , IBM IB

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