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Reporters and public relations folks have a notoriously love-hate relationship.

Still, there are PR pros, especially in the tech industry, who go above and beyond to help journalists tell important stories. They always respond quickly, send accurate information (not just corporate «spin»), and pitch us great behind-the-scenes stories. Some of them are influential in their own right, not simply because of the companies they work for.

All of that deserves a shout out.

We came up with this list in a variety of ways. We put out a call for nominations and were pleasantly surprised at how many tech reporters from other publications (as well as analysts, and others) submitted names.

We also asked companies to nominate their PR pros, and recieved an outpouring of responses there. And of course, we relied on our first-hand experiences, too.

No. 50: Vered Avrahami, Wix

With all eyes watching, Israeli website-hosting company Wix went public in late 2013, and Vered Avrahami led the PR effort.

Her PR work spans the U.S., U.K., Brazil, Japan, France, Israel, and Russia. That's a lot of journalists and a lot of languages to pitch to. And it's earned her praise from her peers.

«It's one thing to drive international awareness to top-tier media from Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, or the Silicon Roundabout, but doing so from the Silicon Wadi [Israel] presents its own unique challenges. Israel is widely known for its lackluster abilities in marketing and PR. However, Vered has managed to turn Wix into a visible, global market leader,» says fellow Israeli PR professional Ethan Chernofsky of Headline Media.

LinkedIn: Vered Avrahami

No. 49: Matthew Krieger, GKPR

Matthew Krieger is the founder of the Israeli-based firm GKPR.

His clients include Microsoft Ventures, which includes Microsoft's network of Accelerator programs and a seed fund; big Israeli company Perion Network; video chat company Rounds; diabetes management app company Dario; keyboard app Ginger Software; and password management app Passible, among others.

As a former tech journalist for the The Jerusalem Post, he always goes «the extra mile» to help reporters with their stories, says Business Insider's Steven Tweedie.

Twitter handle: @mattkrieger1

No. 48: Deborah Roth, OpenX

Until February, Deb Roth was running PR at Fab, the once-hot e-commerce company that's been going through rounds of layoffs.

It's one thing to handle PR for good news like a new product. Quite another when the news is awful. She stayed on her toes and earned the respect of the tech press for one of the most «grueling and thankless jobs in tech PR of the past year (or more!). Having to field constant questions over bad news is so so hard,» says Valleywag's Sam Biddle.

She just landed at online advertising company OpenX where she'll continue her PR career.

Prior to Fab, Roth worked for Pandora. She also worked for Barry Diller as head of communications for IAC/InterActiveCorp at the time when it owned Expedia, Ticketmaster, HSN, Match,, LendingTree, and about 30 more companies.

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